Board of Directors

The members of the Board of Directors are the elected officers and chairpersons of the Association, consisting of the President, three Vice Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Chairperson, Historian, Publicity Chairperson, and Hospitality Chairperson.

Cindi Neverdousky - President

Phone: 817-228-7028 | Email:

Jack Eidson, Jr - 1st VP

Phone: 210-685-8334

Carolyn Young - 2nd VP Education

Phone: 817-269-5375 | Email:

Barbara Carey - 3rd VP Shows

Phone: 817-304-3181 | Email:

Val Vierling - Treasurer

Phone: (817) 875-8649 | Email:

Kathy Cunning

Kathy Cunning - Membership Chair

Phone: 817-694-0246 | Email:

Debra Strandberg - Publicity Chair

Phone: 817-996-0179 | Email:

Linda Hidalgo - Hospitality Chair


Mitzi Ames - Historian


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